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Best Freight Forwarding Services

 Nowadays buying and selling online has become a habit of the people, especially those who live in

areas that can be connected to the Internet. In online businesses there are those who act as sellers

and some who act as buyers. Buyers and sellers are one entity to be able to occur buying and selling

interactions (both online and offline). However, online sales specifically will involve a third person who

acts as a "sender", namely package expedition services.

In Indonesia there are several well-known shipping services such as JNE, Pos Indonesia, TIKI, J&T, Si

Fast, Wahana, and many others. Of the many shipping services, of course there are advantages and

disadvantages of each. On this occasion, we will discuss the fastest and best package delivery servicethat can be an option for those of you who make buying and selling transactions online. Here are

some list of package delivery services that you deserve priority:

JNE Express

JNE is a company engaged in package delivery services, almost all online stores choose JNE as an

expedition to deliver goods ordered by buyers. JNE has branch offices throughout Indonesia, so JNE

can deliver packages to any address. JNE provides several types of packages to choose from such as

YES Package (Sure Tomorrow Till), REG (Regular), OK (Economical Shipping), Super Speed

​​(SS), PESONA and others.

Indonesian post

Who doesn"t know an Indonesian post, a state-owned company that has served the public since the

"Stamp" era. In the past sending packages or letters took a long time, but now Pos Indonesia has

changed. Pos Indonesia serves the public to send packages in the form of documents, goods, vehicles

or other with a fast and safe time. Some packages that can be used are such as Post Package,

Express Post, Special Express Mail, Ordinary Mail and others.


Tiki is a package delivery service that is very well known after Pos Indonesia. Its existence is very

helpful for people to send goods or documents throughout Indonesia quickly and at affordable prices.

Several types of packages have been prepared and can be used including: SDS (Same Day Service)

which allows packages to be sent and will arrive on the same day, ONS (Over Night Services), TDS

(Two Day Service), HDS (Holiday Delivery Services), ECO ( Economy), INT (International) and


J&T Express

Is a shipping service company (Expedition) which was established in 2015, as a newcomer, J&T is

able to compete to provide the best service with more efficient shipping and faster shipping. The

services provided by J&T are quite satisfying because they serve package delivery throughout

Indonesia. You can use the REGULAR package or the Tomorrow package from J&T, for further

information on J&T Express we will discuss later.

The Fast Express

Si Fast was established on February 21, 2014, which is also the same as a newcomer to compete with

Pos Indonesia, Tiki and JNE. Its presence also makes it easy for online stores that provide choices to

customers in terms of package delivery services. The fastest package owned by Si Fast is the BEST

package (which stands for Tomorrow to Destination). The recipient does not need to wait long to

receive the package sent by the Shipping.